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VDezine Product Suite

Our small but smart team has created 3 powerful products for clients all across the globe to help them get their business online in a very low cost yet effective manner. Each of these product is power packed and has multiple features which makes it unique and user friendly.

Online Food Ordering (OFO)

Take order from your own website and mobile apps without any middlemen.

Our sole motive is to strengthen the relationship between restaurants and their customers by providing a fully featured ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM for the restaurant owner and cutting down on the marketplaces (middlemen). Read the powerful features below and see how you can also have a full fledged working system for your restaurant where every order value is totally yours without ANY Commissions!!

10 Power packed features to increase Online Sales:

  • Online/Offline Payments
  • Website Order Widget
  • SEO Optimized Website
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Beautiful Menu Pictures
  • Order for Later
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Real-Time Order Confirmation
  • Branded Mobile App

Get Rid of Marketplaces...Start selling Online on your own!!

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Patient Management System (PMS)

All-in-One & Powerful system that lets you manage your patients data and clinic!!

Why choose our PMS over others?

  • NO DATA SHARING: Data is never shared with any third parties.
  • COMPLETE DATA PRIVACY: All your patient's data is private and for your eyes only
  • CONTROL YOUR COMMUNICATION: Doctor can decide the communication to be sent to their patients
  • NO PROMOTIONAL MARKETING: We never send marketing promotions to your walk-in patients
  • NO PROMOTIONAL MESSAGES: We allow only appointment-related messages to patients
  • TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE: PMS has been developed in a way, where it can be customized as your need
  • Your patient's data (EMR), always at your fingertips
  • Create and Maintain Doctor Profiles from anywhere, effortlessly

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Mobile Apps for e-Commerce websites

Our latest e-Commerce Android and iOS mobile apps are ready-to-use for any shop owner who want to create there own mobile apps and take orders from users directly without any middlemen. It will have the following expansive features:

  • Selected Categories, Sub Categories and Products
  • Product Search and Filter, Products Collection, Product Details
  • Add To Cart, Basket Management
  • Checkout Transaction
  • Discount Products
  • Coupon Discount
  • User Login, Register and Logout
  • Facebook Login
  • Multi-Language
  • Push Notifications for users
  • Rating & Review
  • User Comment
  • Blog
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Integrated with Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger

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